* Other discographic works are presented in Soliloq Edition section.
* A collection of custom-made sound-objects and original phonocrafts
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Zviij — Sub-system design Released April 2012

A collection of "noisy beats & dark electronics" by sound artist Zviij specially elaborated for Japanese label Full Volume Agency. The disc contains 39 tracks between weird beats and electronic soundscapes displayed like an electronic instrumental punk-puzzle. With a raw and direct sound, this is a full-length album of peculiar alternative beat-making and obscure electronics.

* This commissionned work is Zviij's 1st publication on CD.

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Composed & performed by Zviij (electronic manoeuvrings)
recorded in 2012, time 60:05, Ref. FVA-6 / Price: 12,50 € (Free postage)
Zn'shñ — Butoh sweets Released June 2010

A full electronic soundtrack accompanying the eponymous silent movie inspired by Butoh performances & iconography — realized by Elvire Bastendorff & Franck Smith. The disc "Butoh sweets" (subtitled Adventures in dance, flour & colours), interlaces subtle noise machinery, refined glitchy pulses & sophisticated bitcrushing, to create an inedit composition full of passion for darkness. A work dedicated to Butoh founder Hijikata Tatsumi (1928-1986). + →

Composed & performed by Elvire Bastendorff & by Franck Smith
recorded in 2010, time 49:27, Ref. odl.9173-659 / Price: 12,50 € (Free postage)
Franck Smith — Théorème de point fixe Released November 2009

Influenced by algebric topology and scientific concepts on abstract spaces, this work for pure electronic drives the composer/soloist into a metaphoric piece around the ''fixed point theorems'' of Solomon Lefschetz, Bonislaw Knaster and Alfred Tarski... An amazing mental piece in 37 parts dedicated to Japanese sound artist and experimental composer Ryoji Ikeda. + →

Composed & performed by Franck Smith
recorded in 2009, time 40:25, Ref. odl.9173-658 / Price: 12,50 € (Free postage) / Digital tracks available on Bandcamp
Zn'shñ — II Released September 2009

High frequency trajectories and delicate glitchy micro pulses between Japanese gagaku, digital machinery and Morton Feldman's string quartet colours. Elaborated as a peculiar ceremony for desertic places, this second opus by the dual electronic unit Zn'shñ (Elvire Bastendorff & Franck Smith) displays a suite of radical sonic manipulations conceived for nocturnal ambient usings. + →

Composed & performed by Elvire Bastendorff & Franck Smith
recorded in 2009, time 48:37, Ref. odl.9173-657 / Price: 12,50 € (Free postage)
Zn'shñ — ++ Released April 2009

[1st official cd release]. According to a fictitious etymology, the term Zn'shñ signifies: the gleam of dark colours. Deliberately antithetic and intentionally enigmatic, Zn'shñ is enthused by Butoh iconography, Japanese Gagaku aesthetic and Tibetan rituals codification. Operating as dual electronic unit (Elvire Bastendorff & Franck Smith), Zn'shñ deepens a series of very specific works around digital phonocrafting and noise-manufacturing. + →

Composed & performed by Elvire Bastendorff & Franck Smith
recorded in 2008/2009, time 48:45, Ref. odl.9173-656 / Price: 12,50 € (Free postage)
Franck Smith — Le tombeau d'Edgard Varèse

In tribute to avant-garde composer Edgard Varèse (1883-1965), this new work for percussive devices and electronics presents a long posthumous march w/ dark orchestral colors and crepuscular percussion pulses. A quite mysterious funeral cortège in memory of a true sound-alchemist... (N.B. vinyl sections were made especially for this project, no external sound sources used.) — No index points, only 1 track on the disc. " (A) wonderful tribute to a musical hero..." (John Zorn, September 18th 2008) + →

Composed & performed by Franck Smith
recorded in 2008, time 36:46, Ref. odl.9173-655

Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg (aka Franck Smith) Monolith

A surprising piece for pure electronics, mouth organ, metal string and contact microphone is gradually down-graded to reach infra-bass sound-sculpting. A work in 4 parts between noise-trajectory study and signal-loss testing. (N.B. Monolith IV cannot be heard on mediocre sound-systems. If using headphones, beware of high volume listening.)

Conceived by Franck Smith — Performed by Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg
recorded in 2007, time 69:12, Ref. odl.9173-654

Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg (aka Franck Smith) A silica(te) replica

An inventory of sonic equations that conjugate scientific qualities of experimental composition with synthetic aspects of a raw material empirically obtained. Made of shamanic-like sonorities (such as gongs, metal bells, deep frame drums...) viewed via a digital/analogic electronic prism using real-time treatments — A silica(te) replica presents for the first time on disc the peculiar language of enigmatic figure Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg. (N.B. this recording documents orginal sound-sources transfered onto vinyl (12''/33 rpm), slowed down and altered...)

Conceived by Franck Smith — Performed by Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg
recorded in 2007, time 38:32, Ref. odl.9173-653

Qoo-ij orium — Trompe-l'œil & bagatelles

Contains a collection of neo-archaisms (sic) conceived & directed by Franck Smith. A 24 track-suite displaying a kind of new primitive music w/ hybrid electronics and various instruments. A work around "instrumentarium geometry" close to chamber music esthetic and post-modern composition using electronics, vinyls, percussive devices, bowed-berimbau, accordion, objects, soundfields, electric guitar, e-bow, computer processing and personal archives of Pygmy polyphony.

Conceived & directed by Franck Smith — Performed by Qoo-ij orium
recorded in 2006-2007, time 38:02, Ref. odl.9173-652

Franck Smith — Nekrob umics

Fluxus member Milan Knizak is responsible of some of the most beautiful and inventive experiments on gramophones and vinyls with his work «Broken music» (1979) based on ruined and/or prepared records — stuck, painted, burnt, cut, glued... «Nekrob umics» (anagram for «Broken music») pays tribute to this visionary of pre-recorded supports manipulation who started making noise with discs in the early sixties.

Composed & performed by Franck Smith
recorded in 2005, cd time 21:03, Ref. odl.9173-650

Franck Smith — Les urnes funéraires

Inspired by the book of Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682) — Hydriotaphia, urn burial — this recording is a dark ritual in three parts focusing on the «...ashes to ashes, dust to dust...» mechanisms. Maybe you should read the book before listening...

Composed & performed by Franck Smith (electronics, percussive devices)
recorded in 2006, cd time 49:14, Ref. odl.9173-651

Phrenq (aka Franck Smith) The Game-Over! suites

Conceived as an «optional soundtrack for video players», these 9 amazing game-pieces are performed & mixed by electronic manipulator & noise manufacturer Phrenq. Following Cartoon cuts (his previous disc), this new opus is also a surprising break-beat catalogue for digital turntablists. It's up to you to find the game that goes with it... + →

Composed by Franck Smith — Performed & mixed by Phrenq
recorded in 2005, cd time 26:53, Ref. odl.9173-641

Celluloïd — The chatterbox & the singing hat

First recording of Celluloïd — a collaborative project involving cellist Hugues Vincent and multi-instrumentalist Franck Smith. Free improvisations including cartoon music, noise orgy, pseudo-romanticism & peculiar radio-drama. A surprising stereo sound-puzzle story told by two effervescent minds.

Composed & performed by Hugues Vincent & Franck Smith
recorded in 2005, cd time 47:22, Ref. odl.9173-640

Tlü Ejtko (aka Franck Smith) Xing (Crossing)

Drastic pieces enthused both by the art of Butoh dance and the Japanese Noh theater. Cold beauty and martial procedure in the shape of eerie sceneries.

Composed by Ijnveïq de Ernestine
Performed by Tlü Ejtko — prepared recorders, electronics, radio
recorded in 2002, cd time 43:01, Ref. odl.9173-5 / Price: 12,50 € (Free postage)
Phrenq (aka Franck Smith) Cartoon cuts

Short structures, (multi)-speed modulations and sonic crash-testing dedicated to cartoon music. A set of orgiastic and bizarre pieces using zapping, cut-ups and collage techniques. 39 bombtracks between punk-hardcore and neo-metal collapsing. Does sophistication belong to (in?) noise-(music)? + →

Composed by Franck Smith — Performed & recorded by Phrenq (electronics, turntable)
recorded in 2003, cd time 46:13, Ref. odl.9173-3 / Price: 12,50 € (Free postage)
Monophoïd / Innocenti — Néon / Sondes

Interactive duet for radical accordion techniques and real time electronics (Monophoïd, Néon) and fragmentary pieces for solo accordion (Innocenti, Sondes). The charming promenade of two inquisitive sound makers.

Composed and performed by
Olivier Innocenti (accordion) & Ijnveïq de Ernestine (electronic, accordion sampling)
recorded 1999-2002, cd time 58:08, Ref. odl.9173-4 / Price: 12,50 € (Free postage)
Ijnveïq de Ernestine (aka Franck Smith) Pygmology

A very compact ritual made for high volume listening. Elevated density, violence and obsessive fragments for this work basically inspired by Pygmy music. When noise becomes a vertical and mesmerizing ballet.

Composed & performed by Ijnveïq de Ernestine (electronics)
recorded in 2002, cd time 31:45 , Ref. odl.9173-2 / Price: 12,50 € (Free postage)
Ijnveïq de Ernestine (aka Franck Smith) Narratorium / Ellipsis of an idiot

Two of Ijnveïq de Ernestine's first acousmatic works on one disc. Inventive and hybrid work around languages and onirism. More than electro-acoustic settings and studio experiments: 56mn of new archaisms for eared-eyes only...

Composed & performed by Ijnveïq de Ernestine + 5 speakers & additional performers
recorded in 2001, cd time 56:33, Ref. odl.9173-1 / Price: 12,50 € (Free postage)
Smith(ereens) — Bathyscaphe dressmaking

Miscellaneous noise-tracks and other sound oddities for unspecified uses. Solitary apnoea in deserted shoals and deep diving in one breath exploring transparence. A very liquid and labyrinthine work on soundscaping with wet electronics and vocal moisture.

Composed & performed by Franck Smith
recorded in 2005, cd time 45:27, Ref. odl.9173-63

Zoïkhem — When dirted snow...

Subtitled «tribute to Japanese ancestral music», this third recording on Odiolorgnette limited series focuses on Gagaku & Noh music. A 5 part piece dedicated to organic processes of sound construction that formulates the idea of «New Archaism».

Composed & directed by Franck Smith
Performed by Zoïkhem
recorded in 2004, time 53:37, Ref. odl.9173-62

Zoïkhem — RIP

4 studio-pieces recorded in 2001-2002 exploring obscure neo-Zeuhl psalmodies and orchestral incursions in static praying contexts. — RIP (requiescat in pace !) —

Composed & directed by Franck Smith
Bonus track composed by Ijnveïq de Ernestine
Performed by Zoïkhem
recorded in 2001-2002, time 44:10, Ref. odl.9173-61

Zoïkhem — Ethnolingualistic debris

A set of 33 graphical-text compositions — for guttural vocalisms, invented dialects, drum cut-ups, tapes/records manipulations & electronics — surrounding noise chamber music, electro-Zeuhl, early futurism & experimental minimalism.

Composed & directed by Franck Smith
Performed by Zoïkhem
recorded in 2004, cd time 43:46, Ref. odl.9173-60

Franck Smith — Ici ∉ Ø si 340 m/s < rien

Experimental compositions. 10 independent pieces with a versatile instrumentarium become the raw material of 1 musical superposition.

Composed & performed by Franck Smith
Also featuring additional players
recorded in 1999, cd time 72:41, Ref. tpsf.902 / Price: 13,00 € (Free postage)
Franck Smith — IX. que ce bébé se taise crierons-nous dans nos tombes

Music for solo percussion and siren. 70mn of orchestral composition in real-time. 9 acts of «organised sound» between the works of Edgard Varèse and John Cage.

Composed & performed by Franck Smith
recorded in 1998, time 70:20, Ref. tpsf.901 / Price: 13,00 € (Free postage)
Zoïkhem — Vox clamantis in deserto

A musical diptych that mixes various influences of drummer and composer Franck Smith. A work of synthesis with Latin texts and fictitious languages in which can be heard the influence of Magma, Varèse, Zimmermann, Coltrane, Dolphy, Liszt...

Composed & directed by Franck Smith
Performed by Zoïkhem
recorded in 1997, time 43:32, Ref. tpzk.9 / Price: 13,00 € (Free postage)
Zoïkhem — Requiem

The first part of the diptych is a 30mn «missa pro defunctis». This recording also contains I(r)onisation — a piece for solo percussion set-up and siren in tribute to Edgard Varèse.

Composed & directed by Franck Smith
Performed by Zoïkhem
recorded in 1997, time 37:14, Ref. tpzk.7 / Price: 13,00 € (Free postage)